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What is MOMS?

Briefly, MOMS is a humanitarian, non-profit agency whose mission is to improve maternal and infant health in the poorest areas of the world.

MOMS' teams build capacity among the women in the rural areas. We teach the traditional birth attendants (their own choice of term) four things:

  • To be the bridge between the community and the clinic system
  • To make changes to solve women's health problems
  • To provide evidence-based maternity care
  • To teach their neighbors about women’s health needs, sanitation, and nutrition

For more information, see the MOMS Mission pages.

Our most recent trip to Sierra Leone!

Chris McManus, Trish Ross, Carol Nelson and Gretchen Peck worked with Jitta Rogers-Seisay to train 34 women in the village of Tikonko, near Bo City in southern Sierra Leone. We also trained two new Mende-language translators.

Our schedule was full:

  • Visited the women we trained in the Kailahun District to grieve the deaths of our friends, listen to their stories, and plan next steps.
  • Visited the Kailahun District Medical Officer to discuss needs in that area, post-Ebola.
  • Visited the Bo District Medical Officer to discuss plans to continue the work in that district.
  • Visited our old friend, Dr Bome, the District Medical Officer of the Pujehun District, who wants us to come soon!
  • Taught 34 women in the village of Tikonko in the Bo Chiefdom.
  • Taught one session each of Helping Babies Breathe and of Essential Care for Every Baby
  • Piloted our train-the-trainer process with staff from the Rural HealthcareInitiative (RHCI).

The opportunities to work are wonderful. The need is heartbreaking. Training trainers to deepen and broaden our reach will help, butespecially after Ebola, the needs are increasing as well.

In 2016 we hope train ten local people to conduct the full MOMS model of education and empowerment, not just use the lesson plans. We are excited, the District Medical Officers are excited, the women we will train are excited. We hope you are excited with us! We can make a difference together!

The Traditional Birth Attendants in Tikonko welcome the MOMS team.

Committingto the next step!

We must extend our reach. We have more invitations to teach than we can handle. Especially in theaftermath of Ebola where hundreds of health workers died, including more than a dozen of our friends, the need for trained birth attendants has soared.

In 2016 - if we can afford it - we aim to train 10 local people to conduct our program, including the 3 1/2 week class for the birth attendants. From 2017 to 2022, those trainers will be able to train at least 1500 women, at less than half the cost! How cool is that! Please read on!

You can help!

If you want to help, seeVolunteer! on this website. We needhelp with leadership, teaching, social media, fundraising, grant-writing, secretarial work, etc.

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Our Accomplishments - with your support!

Since 2006, MOMS' teams have made 14 trips to Sierra Leone, for a total of about 18 months in-country.

  • Initial Training: 232 women in six cohorts
  • Continuing Education: 165 women in four cohorts
  • Helping Babies Breathe: 28 people; eight clinics supplied
  • Gardening businesses established: three groups
  • Palm oil business established: seven groups
  • Clinic built,supplied, and staffed
  • Advisory Committee established
  • MOMS Community Health Workers included in the District Medical Health Team
  • Maternal or fetal mortality related to MOMS CHW errors: 0

We have also made two trips to Uganda to teach at KitojoIntegratedDevelopmentAssociation.