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33 New MOMS' Traditional Birth Attendants
A Wonderful Jamboree

A MOMS team trained 33 more women to serve their communities as "MOMS' TBAs." They are proud to combine their traditional skills with new knowledge to solve problems more effectively, teach more clearly, and provide evidence-based maternity care.

The team included Buffy Price (Mundah), Chris McManus (Sallay), and Trish Ross (Jebbeh). Jitta Rogers Seisay served as the translator and Augusta provided delicious meals. The team traveled to Gbalahun, in the Luawa Chiefdom in the Kailahun District. Students came from several communities in the Luawa and Kissy-Teng Chiefdoms.

This class of 33 completed the final exam with the best statistics of any group we've taught. Five students earned 100% on the test!

All of them can readily recommend the local food that combats anemia and provides adequate protein for growing a baby. They know how to reduce the risks ofpostpartum hemorrhage and several techniques for treating it. They can perform thorough newborn exams to identify important issues and refer for care promptly.

They demonstrated how to teach the local communities about family planning, sexually transmitted infections, and good nutrition. They are excited about their role in helping families solve problems.

THEN it was off to the Jamboree! There we heard the women talk about their experiences in implementing what we've taught. They told story after story. One woman had moved to Liberia, and offered to work in the clinic in her new community. She taught the local women to avoid forcing birth by pushing on the uterus - and the clinic's mortality rate improved significantly with that one change! Another woman brought us her neighbor, who had a lump in her breast. This neighbor approached her after a class on breast self-exams. I wrote a letter of referral to the local hospital - and felt so proud of the work that MOMS' TBAs are doing everyday.

IMG 1672

The Jokibu TBAs perform a skit showing the advantages of family planning at the Jamboree in Ngolahun, March 2014.

MOMS is a humanitarian, non-profit agency whose mission is to improve maternal and infant health in the poorest areas of the world.

MOMS' teams travel to Sierra Leone to build capacity among the women in the rural areas. We teach the traditional birth attendants three things:

  • To be the bridge between the community and the clinic system
  • To make changes to solve women's health problems
  • To provide evidence-based maternity care.

Our Accomplishments - with your help!

Since 2006, MOMS' teams have made 13 trips to Sierra Leone, for a total of about 15 months in-country.

  • Initial Training: 198 women in five cohorts
  • Continuing Education: 165 women in four cohorts
    • Intermediate Nutrition
    • Intermediate Anatomy and Physiology
    • Breast Health
    • Gender-based Violence
    • Preventing Teen Pregnancy
  • Helping Babies Breathe: 20 people; seven clinics supplied
  • Gardening businesses established: three cohorts
  • Palm oil business established: two cohorts
  • Clinic built, supplied, and staffed
  • Advisory Committee established
  • MOMS TBA included in the District Medical Health Team
  • Maternal or fetal mortality related to TBA errors: 0

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